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Frederick henry

1584–1647, prince of Orange and count of Nassau; son of William (I) the Silent


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  • Frederick I

    noun 1. (“Frederick Barbarossa”) 1123?–90, king of Germany 1152–90; king of Italy 1152–90: emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1152–90. 2. 1194–1250, king of Sicily 1198–1212: as Frederick II, king of Germany and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1215–50. 3. 1657–1713, king of Prussia 1701–13 (son of Frederick William the Great Elector). /ˈfrɛdrɪk/ noun […]

  • Frederick II

    noun 1. (def 2). 2. (“Frederick the Great”) 1712–86, king of Prussia 1740–86 (son of Frederick William I). noun 1. 1194–1250, Holy Roman Emperor (1220–50), king of Germany (1212–50), and king of Sicily (1198–1250) 2. See Frederick the Great

  • Frederick III

    noun 1. 1415–93, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1452–93; as Frederick IV, king of Germany 1440–93. 2. (“the Wise”) 1463–1525, elector of Saxony 1486–1525: protector of Martin Luther. noun 1. 1415–93, Holy Roman Emperor (1452–93) and, as Frederick IV, king of Germany (1440–93) 2. called the Wise. 1463–1525, elector of Saxony (1486–1525). He protected […]

  • Frederick IV

    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. See Frederick III (sense 1)

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