[fred-rik-tuh n, fred-er-ik-] /ˈfrɛd rɪk tən, ˈfrɛd ər ɪk-/

a city in and the capital of New Brunswick, in SE Canada, on the St. John River.
a province in SE Canada, E of Maine. 27,985 sq. mi. (72,480 sq. km).
Capital: Fredericton.
a city in central New Jersey.
a city in SE Canada, capital of New Brunswick, on the St John River. Pop: 54 068 (2001)
a province of SE Canada on the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Bay of Fundy: extensively forested. Capital: Fredericton. Pop: 751 384 (2004 est). Area: 72 092 sq km (27 835 sq miles) NB

Province in eastern Canada, bordered by Quebec to the north, the Gulf of St. Lawrence (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean) to the east, Nova Scotia to the southeast, and Maine to the west. Together with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, it is one of the Maritime Provinces. Fredericton is its capital, and Saint John is its largest city.

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