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air not affected by local conditions.


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  • Free-air correction

    free-air correction (frē’âr’) A compensation factor used in gravitational surveys that takes into account the decrease in the force of gravity with increasing altitude, assuming only air intervenes between the observer and sea level. It is equal to -0.3086 mGal per meter above sea level. Also called Faye Correction. Compare Bouguer correction.

  • Free-alongside-ship

    adverb, adjective 1. . Commerce. 1. free alongside ship: without charge to the buyer for goods delivered alongside ship. adjective 1. (of a shipment of goods) delivered to the dock without charge to the buyer, but excluding the cost of loading onto the vessel Abbreviation FAS, f.a.s Also free alongside vessel Compare free on board […]

  • Free-and-accepted-masons

    noun 1. See under (def 1). [free-mey-suh n, free-mey-] /ˈfriˌmeɪ sən, ˌfriˈmeɪ-/ noun 1. a member of a widely distributed secret order (Free and Accepted Masons) having for its object mutual assistance and the promotion of brotherly love among its members. 2. (lowercase) History/Historical. /ˈfriːˌmeɪsən/ noun 1. (medieval history) a member of a guild of […]

  • Free-and-common-socage

    noun 1. . noun 1. Medieval History. land held by a tenant who rendered certain honorable and nonservile duties to his lord.

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