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Free gift

something given away, esp as an incentive to a purchaser


Read Also:

  • Free gingiva

    free gingiva n. The portion of the gum that surrounds the tooth but is not directly attached to the tooth surface.

  • Free-gold

    noun 1. treasury gold, including the legal reserve, not restricted to the redemption of gold certificates or other specific uses. 2. Mining. gold found in loose particles or nuggets, as in a placer mine. noun 1. gold, uncombined with other minerals, found in a pure state 2. (US) the excess of gold held by the […]

  • Free-goods

    plural noun 1. imported goods that are not subject to duty. 2. goods having utilitarian value, as air and water, but available in such great quantities as to have no cost.

  • Free graft

    free graft n. A graft cut free from its attachments and transplanted to another site.

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