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noun, Linguistics.
a relation between the members of a pair of phones, phonemes, morphs, or other linguistic entities such that either of the two may occur in the same position with no change in the meaning of the utterance: in the first syllable of “economics,” “e” and “ē” are in free variation.


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  • Free-verse

    noun, Prosody. 1. verse that does not follow a fixed metrical pattern. noun 1. unrhymed verse without a metrical pattern n. 1908; see vers libre. Verse without regular meter or rhyme. Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman, is written almost entirely in free verse.

  • Free vibration

    noun 1. the vibration of a structure that occurs at its natural frequency, as opposed to a forced vibration

  • Free vote

    noun 1. (mainly Brit) a parliamentary division in which members are not constrained by a party whip

  • Freeview

    /ˈfriːˌvjuː/ noun 1. trademark (in Britain) a free service providing digital terrestrial television

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