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[free-boo-ter] /ˈfriˌbu tər/

a person who goes about in search of plunder; pirate; buccaneer.
a person, such as a pirate, living from plunder
(informal) a person, esp an itinerant, who seeks pleasure, wealth, etc, without responsibility

1560s, loan-translation of Dutch vrijbuiter “plunderer, robber,” from vrijbuiten “to rob, plunder,” from vrijbuit “plunder,” literally “free booty,” from vrij “free” + buit “booty,” from buiten “to exchange or plunder,” from Middle Dutch buten, related to Middle Low German bute “exchange” (see booty). Cf. filibuster. The back-formed verb freeboot is recorded from 1590s.


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  • Freebooting

    [free-boot] /ˈfriˌbut/ verb (used without object) 1. to act as a freebooter; plunder; loot. /ˈfriːˌbuːt/ verb 1. (intransitive) to act as a freebooter; pillage

  • Freebooty

    [free-boo-tee] /ˈfriˌbu ti/ noun, Obsolete. 1. plunder; loot; spoils.

  • Free-bored

    [free-bawrd, -bohrd] /ˈfriˈbɔrd, -ˈboʊrd/ adjective 1. (of a rifle) having a bore that is not rifled within a short distance of the breech, so that a fired cartridge travels about 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) before being engaged by the lands, thus reducing initial high pressures.

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    [free-bawrn] /ˈfriˌbɔrn/ adjective 1. born free, rather than in slavery, bondage, or vassalage. 2. pertaining to or befitting persons born free. /ˈfriːˌbɔːn/ adjective 1. not born in slavery 2. of, relating to, or suitable for people not born in slavery

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