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[free-lohd, -lohd] /ˈfriˈloʊd, -ˌloʊd/

verb (used without object), Informal.
to take advantage of others for free food, entertainment, etc.
verb (used with object)
to get by freeloading:
He freeloaded several meals a week.
(intransitive) (slang) to act as a freeloader; sponge


: my freeloading cousins/ your freeloading pals


Eating, drinking, etc, without paying: Free loading has diminished (1940s+)


: During the depression women free loads were rare


To be fed, entertained, supported, etc, without charge; live parasitically; sponge: They will successfully free load the rest of their lives/ who gives freeloading off a famous father a bad name (1940s+)


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