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[free-toun] /ˈfriˌtaʊn/

a seaport in and the capital of Sierra Leone, in W Africa.
[lee-oh-nee, lee-ohn] /liˈoʊ ni, liˈoʊn/
an independent republic in W Africa: member of the Commonwealth of Nations; formerly a British colony and protectorate. 27,925 sq. mi. (72,326 sq. km).
Capital: Freetown.
the capital and chief port of Sierra Leone: founded in 1787 for slaves freed and destitute in England. Pop: 1 007 000 (2005 est)
/sɪˈɛərə lɪˈəʊnɪ; lɪˈəʊn/
a republic in W Africa, on the Atlantic: became a British colony in 1808 and gained independence (within the Commonwealth) in 1961; declared a republic in 1971; became a one-party state in 1978; multiparty democracy restored in 1991 but military rule was imposed following a coup in 1992, which led to civil unrest; consists of coastal swamps rising to a plateau in the east. Official language: English. Religion: Muslim majority and animist. Currency: leone. Capital: Freetown. Pop: 5 612 685 (2013 est). Area: 71 740 sq km (27 699 sq miles)

West African nation, literally “lion mountains,” from Spanish sierra “mountain range” (see sierra) + leon “lion” (see lion). Attested from mid-15c. in Portuguese explorers’ accounts, and a very early explanation of the name derives it from the “roaring” of thunder in the mountains. Related: Sierra Leonean.
Sierra Leone [(see-er-uh lee-ohn, lee-oh-nee)]

Republic in western Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Guinea to the north and east, and Liberia to the south. Freetown is its capital and largest city.

Note: After the American Revolutionary War, attempts were made to settle freed slaves in Sierra Leone. Formerly a British protectorate, Sierra Leone became independent in 1961.


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