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[fren-yuh-luh m] /ˈfrɛn yə ləm/

noun, plural frenula
[fren-yuh-luh] /ˈfrɛn yə lə/ (Show IPA)
Anatomy, Zoology. a small .
Entomology. a strong spine or group of bristles on the hind wing of many butterflies and moths, projecting beneath the forewing and serving to hold the two wings together in flight.
noun (pl) -la (-lə)
a strong bristle or group of bristles on the hind wing of some moths and other insects, by which the forewing and hind wing are united during flight
a small fraenum

frenulum fren·u·lum (frěn’yə-ləm)
n. pl. fren·u·la (-lə)
A small frenum or band of fibrous material.


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  • Frenulum of clitoris

    frenulum of clitoris n. The line of union of the inner portions of the labia minora on the undersurface of the glans clitoridis.

  • Frenulum of lip

    frenulum of lip n. Either of the two folds of mucous membrane extending from the gums to the middle line of the lower or upper lip.

  • Frenulum of prepuce

    frenulum of prepuce n. A fold of mucous membrane passing from the underside of the glans penis to the deep surface of the prepuce.

  • Frenulum of pudendal lips

    frenulum of pudendal lips n. A small band or fold of mucous membrane forming the posterior margin of the vulva and connecting the posterior ends of the labia majora. Also called fourchette.

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