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Frequency division multiple access

frequency division multiplexing


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  • Frequency-division multiplex

    noun 1. See multiplex (sense 1)

  • Frequency division multiplexing

    communications (FDM) The simultaneous transmission of multiple separate signals through a shared medium (such as a wire, optical fibre, or light beam) by modulating, at the transmitter, the separate signals into separable frequency bands, and adding those results linearly either before transmission or within the medium. While thus combined, all the signals may be amplified, […]

  • Frequency-hopping spread spectrum

    communications (FH, FHSS) A variation of spread spectrum communications in which a sequence of pseudo random numbers control a frequency synthesizer, generating different carrier frequencies that “hop around” in the desired frequency range. The receiver tunes to the same sequence of carrier frequencies in synchronisation with the transmitter. Frequency hopping spread spectrum was invented by […]

  • Frequency-modulation

    noun, Electronics, Radio. 1. . noun 1. a method of transmitting information using a radio-frequency carrier wave. The frequency of the carrier wave is varied in accordance with the amplitude and polarity of the input signal, the amplitude of the carrier remaining unchanged FM Compare amplitude modulation frequency modulation A method of transmitting signals, especially […]

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