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[frey-uh] /ˈfreɪ ə/

noun, Scandinavian Mythology.
the goddess of love and fertility, sister of Frey, daughter of Njord; one of the Vanir.
(Norse myth) the goddess of love and fecundity, sister of Frey

goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology, Old Norse Freyja, related to Old English frea “lord,” Old Saxon frua, Middle Dutch vrouwe “woman, wife,” German Frau; see frau).

Frigga is usually considered the goddess of married love; Freya, the goddess of love, the northern Venus. Actually, Frigga is of the Aesir family of Scandinavian myth; Freya, of the Vanir family; the two lines of belief merged, and the two goddesses are sometimes fused, and sometimes confused. [Joseph T. Shipley, “The Origins of English Words,” 1984]


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