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[frik-uh-see] /ˌfrɪk əˈsi/

meat, especially chicken or veal, browned lightly, stewed, and served in a sauce made with its own stock.
verb (used with object), fricasseed, fricasseeing.
to prepare as a fricassee.
/ˌfrɪkəˈsiː; ˈfrɪkəsɪ; ˈfrɪkəˌseɪ/
stewed meat, esp chicken or veal, and vegetables, served in a thick white sauce
verb -sees, -seeing, -seed
(transitive) to prepare (meat) as a fricassee

1560s, from Middle French fricassée, fem. past participle of fricasser “mince and cook in sauce” (15c.), of uncertain origin, perhaps related to or compounded from Middle French frire “to fry” (see fry (v.)) and casser, quasser “break, cut up.” As a verb, from 1650s.


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