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noun, Automotive.
a power transmission system utilizing a set of friction gears so arranged that varying their positions relative to one another gives a wide range of speed ratios.


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  • Friction feed

    printer A method some printers and plotters use to move paper by rotating one or both of a pair of spring-loaded rubber-coated rollers with the paper sandwiched between them. Friction feed printers are notorious for slipping when the rollers wear out, but can take standard typing paper. For printers with a sheet feeder, friction feed […]

  • Friction-gearing

    noun 1. wheels or disks transmitting power by means of frictional contact.

  • Friction-head

    noun 1. (in a hydraulic system) the part of a head of water or of another liquid that represents the energy that the system dissipates through friction with the sides of conduits or channels and through heating from turbulent flow.

  • Friction-layer

    noun 1. . noun, Meteorology. 1. the thin layer of air adjacent to the earth’s surface, usually considered to be less than 300 feet (91 meters) high. noun 1. the atmospheric layer extending up to about 600 m, in which the aerodynamic effects of surface friction are appreciable

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