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Friction rub

(med) the sound, heard through a stethoscope, made by the rubbing together of the two inflamed layers of pericardium in patients with pericarditis or of pleura in patients with pleurisy


Read Also:

  • Friction-saw

    noun 1. a high-speed circular saw, usually toothless, that is used for cutting metals by using frictional heat to melt the material adjacent to it.

  • Friction sound

    friction sound n. The sound heard on auscultation caused by the rubbing together of two opposing serous surfaces that are roughened by an inflammatory exudate. Also called friction rub.

  • Friction-tape

    noun 1. a cloth or plastic adhesive tape, containing a moisture-resistant substance, used especially to insulate and protect electrical wires and conductors. noun 1. (US & Canadian) adhesive tape, impregnated with a moisture-repelling substance, used to insulate exposed electrical conductors Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) insulating tape

  • Friction-welding

    noun 1. a method of welding thermoplastics or metals by the heat generated by rubbing the members to be joined against each other under pressure. noun 1. a form of welding in which the welding heat is generated by pressure and relative movement at the interface in the area of the weld

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