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Bruce Jay, born 1930, U.S. novelist.
Milton, 1912–2006, U.S. economist: Nobel Prize 1976.
Contemporary Examples

Has the Third Party’s Moment Arrived? John Avlon June 30, 2011
Transcript: Thomas Friedman Interviews Hillary Clinton and Christine Lagarde April 4, 2014
Hollywood’s Gossip Showdown Kim Masters April 6, 2009
Chuck Hagel, Friend of Hamas? How the Right-Wing Press Got It Way Wrong David Freedlander February 19, 2013
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How the Entire Economics Profession Failed Jeff Madrick January 7, 2009
Milton Friedman’s Unfinished Legacy Noah Kristula-Green July 30, 2012

Historical Examples

A Jewish Chaplain in France Lee J. Levinger
After the Rain Sam Vaknin

Milton. 1912–2006. US economist, particularly associated with monetarism; a forceful advocate of free market capitalism


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