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[free-hohl, free-hohl; Spanish free-hawl] /ˈfri hoʊl, friˈhoʊl; Spanish friˈhɔl/

noun, plural frijoles
[free-hohlz, free-hoh-leez; Spanish free-haw-les] /ˈfri hoʊlz, friˈhoʊ liz; Spanish friˈhɔ lɛs/ (Show IPA)
any bean of the genus Phaseolus, especially the kidney bean, the seeds of which are used for food in Mexico, in the southwestern U.S., etc.
/ˈfriːhəʊl; Spanish friˈxol/
noun (pl) -joles (-həʊlz; Spanish) (-ˈxoles)
a variety of bean, esp of the French bean, extensively cultivated for food in Mexico


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