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[fron-dohs] /ˈfrɒn doʊs/

bearing fronds.
resembling a frond.


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  • Frons

    [fronz] /frɒnz/ noun, plural frontes [fron-teez] /ˈfrɒn tiz/ (Show IPA) 1. the upper anterior portion of the head of an insect, above or behind the clypeus. /frɒnz/ noun (pl) frontes (ˈfrɒntiːz) 1. an anterior cuticular plate on the head of some insects, in front of the clypeus frons (frŏnz) n. pl. fron·tes (frŏn’tēz) Forehead.

  • Front

    [fruhnt] /frʌnt/ noun 1. the foremost part or surface of anything. 2. the part or side of anything that faces forward: the front of a jacket. 3. the part or side of anything, as a building, that seems to look out or to be directed forward: He sat in the front of the restaurant. 4. […]

  • Frontad

    [fruhn-tad] /ˈfrʌn tæd/ adverb, Anatomy, Zoology. 1. toward the . frontad front·ad (frŭn’tād’) adv. Toward the front or toward the forehead.

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    [fruhn-tij] /ˈfrʌn tɪdʒ/ noun 1. the of a building or lot. 2. the lineal extent of this : a frontage of 200 feet. 3. the direction it faces: The house has an ocean frontage. 4. land abutting on a river, street, etc.: He was willing to pay the higher cost of a lake frontage. 5. […]

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