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[fruhnt-loh-ding] /ˈfrʌntˌloʊ dɪŋ/

designed to be loaded, supplied, or tended from the front:
a front-loading washer; a front-loading VCR.
the practice of expending maximum effort, collecting a fee, interest, or commissions, etc., as early as possible:
the front-loading of commissions on insurance premiums.
[adjective fruhnt-lohd; verb fruhnt-lohd] /adjective ˈfrʌntˌloʊd; verb ˈfrʌntˈloʊd/
Also, front-loaded. (def 1).
verb (used with object)
to load or fill from the front:
to front-load a washing machine; to front-load a video recorder.
to put in from the front; insert:
to front-load eight pounds of clothing; to front-load a cassette.
to make fees, costs, commissions, etc., applicable at the beginning of (a contract, designated period, or the like):
The striking teachers prefer to front-load their fringe benefits.
Compare .
to concentrate maximum effort on (an activity) at the outset:
The politician front-loaded his campaigning.


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