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noun, Anatomy.
a broad membrane bone of the skull, forming the forehead and the upper portion of each orbit.
the bone forming the forehead and the upper parts of the orbits. It contains several air spaces

frontal bone n.
A cranial bone consisting of a vertical portion corresponding to the forehead and a horizontal portion that forms the roofs of the orbital and nasal cavities.


Read Also:

  • Frontal cortex

    frontal cortex n. The cortex of the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere. Also called frontal area, prefrontal area.

  • Frontal crest

    frontal crest n. A ridge arising at the termination of the sagittal sulcus on the cerebral surface of the frontal bone and ending at the foramen cecum.

  • Frontal-cyclone

    noun 1. any extratropical cyclone associated with a front: the most common cyclonic storm.

  • Frontal groove

    frontal groove n. Any of the three frontal sulci.

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