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frontomaxillary fron·to·max·il·lar·y (frŭn’tō-māk’sə-lěr’ē)
Relating to or characteristic of both the frontal bone and the maxilla.


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  • Fronton

    [fron-ton, fron-ton] /ˈfrɒn tɒn, frɒnˈtɒn/ noun 1. a building in which jai alai is played, containing the cancha or court and sometimes having facilities for betting. 2. Informal. jai alai. /ˈfrɒntɒn; frɒnˈtɒn/ noun 1. a wall against which pelota or jai alai is played

  • Frontonasal

    frontonasal fron·to·na·sal (frŭn’tō-nā’zəl) adj. Relating to or characteristic of both frontal and nasal bones.

  • Fronto-occipital

    fronto-occipital fron·to-oc·cip·i·tal (frŭn’tō-ŏk-sĭp’ĭ-tl) adj.

  • Frontoposterior position

    frontoposterior position fron·to·pos·te·ri·or position (frŭn’tō-pŏ-stēr’ē-ər, -pō-) n. A cephalic presentation of the fetus with the forehead directed toward either the right or left rear quarter of the mother’s pelvis.

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