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Admirable; cool: He’s really froody (1980s+ College students)


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  • Fros

    [froh] /froʊ/ adjective, noun, plural ‘fros. Informal. 1. . noun A frizzy style of coiffure; afro: the curly ‘fro which has found particular favor among the men (1960s+)

  • Frost

    [frawst, frost] /frɔst, frɒst/ noun 1. a degree or state of coldness sufficient to cause the of water. 2. Also called hoarfrost. a covering of minute ice needles, formed from the atmosphere at night upon the ground and exposed objects when they have cooled by radiation below the dew point, and when the dew point […]

  • Frosh

    [frosh] /frɒʃ/ noun, plural frosh. Informal. 1. a college or high-school freshman. /frɒʃ/ noun 1. (US & Canadian, slang) a freshman n. student colloquial shortening and alteration of freshman, attested by 1915, “perh. under influence of German frosch frog, (dial.) grammar-school pupil” [OED]. noun A first-year student, or such students collectively (1915+ Students) freshman

  • Frostback

    noun An illegal immigrant from Canada [1980s+; modeled on wetback]

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