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[fraw-stee, fros-tee] /ˈfrɔ sti, ˈfrɒs ti/

adjective, frostier, frostiest.
characterized by or producing ; freezing; very cold:
frosty weather.
consisting of or covered with a :
frosty designs on the windows; an avenue of frosty trees.
lacking warmth of feeling; unfriendly:
Their frosty greeting puzzled us.
resembling ; white or gray:
a wedding dress of frosty satin.
of or characteristic of old age:
a frosty brow.
adjective frostier, frostiest
characterized by frost: a frosty night
covered by or decorated with frost
lacking warmth or enthusiasm: the new plan had a frosty reception
like frost in appearance or colour; hoary

Old English forstig, fyrstig (cf. Dutch vorstig, German frostig); see frost (n.) + -y (2). Figurative use from late 14c. Related: Frostily; frostiness.



A cold beer: how about a nice frosty


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