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[frou-zee] /ˈfraʊ zi/

adjective, frousier, frousiest.
[frou-zee] /ˈfraʊ zi/
adjective, frowsier, frowsiest.


A slovenly, unkempt woman: a few frowsies in skirts (1900+)


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  • Frouzy

    [frou-zee] /ˈfraʊ zi/ adjective, frouzier, frouziest. 1. . [frou-zee] /ˈfraʊ zi/ adjective, frowzier, frowziest. 1. dirty and untidy; slovenly. 2. ill-smelling; musty. /ˈfraʊzɪ/ adjective frowzier, frowziest, frouzier, frouziest, frowsier, frowsiest 1. untidy or unkempt in appearance; shabby 2. ill-smelling; frowsty adj. also frowsy, 1680s, possibly related to dialectal frowsty (q.v.).

  • Frow

    [froh] /froʊ/ noun 1. a cleaving tool having a wedge-shaped blade, with a handle set at right angles to it. /frəʊ/ noun 1. a variant spelling of froe n. “Dutchwoman,” late 14c., from Middle Dutch vrouwe (Dutch vrow), cognate with German Frau (see frau).

  • Froward

    [froh-werd, froh-erd] /ˈfroʊ wərd, ˈfroʊ ərd/ adjective 1. willfully contrary; not easily managed: to be worried about one’s froward, intractable child. [froh-werd, froh-erd] /ˈfroʊ wərd, ˈfroʊ ərd/ noun 1. Cape, a cape in S Chile, on the Strait of Magellan: southernmost point of mainland South America. /ˈfrəʊəd/ adjective 1. (archaic) obstinate; contrary adv. Old English […]

  • Frown

    [froun] /fraʊn/ verb (used without object) 1. to contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought; scowl. 2. to look displeased; have an angry look. 3. to view with disapproval; look disapprovingly (usually followed by on or upon): to frown upon a scheme. verb (used with object) 4. to express by a frown: to […]

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