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Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand


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  • Fructan

    /ˈfrʌktən/ noun 1. a type of polymer of fructose, present in certain fruits

  • Fructed

    [fruhk-tid, froo k-, frook-] /ˈfrʌk tɪd, ˈfrʊk-, ˈfruk-/ adjective, Heraldry. 1. (of a tree or other plant) represented as bearing fruit, seeds, or the like: an apple tree vert fructed gules.

  • Fructidor

    [fryk-tee-dawr] /frük tiˈdɔr/ noun 1. (in the French Revolutionary calendar) the twelfth month of the year, extending from August 18 to September 16. /fryktidɔr/ noun 1. the month of fruit: the twelfth month of the French Revolutionary calendar, extending from Aug 19 to Sept 22

  • Fructi-

    1. a combining form meaning “fruit,” used in the formation of compound words: fructiferous.

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