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[fruhk-tuh-fahy, froo k-, frook-] /ˈfrʌk təˌfaɪ, ˈfrʊk-, ˈfruk-/

verb (used without object), fructified, fructifying.
to bear ; become fruitful:
With careful tending the plant will fructify.
verb (used with object), fructified, fructifying.
to make fruitful or productive; fertilize:
warm spring rains fructifying the earth.
/ˈfrʌktɪˌfaɪ; ˈfrʊk-/
verb -fies, -fying, -fied
to bear or cause to bear fruit
to make or become productive or fruitful

early 14c., from Old French fructifiier (12c.) “bear fruit, grow, develop,” from Late Latin fructificare “bear fruit,” from Latin fructus (see fruit) + root of facere “make” (see factitious). Related: Fructified; fructifying.


Read Also:

  • Fructo-

    fructo- pref. Denoting a fructose-like configuration, that is, a dextrorotatory compound containing six carbons and including a keto group: fructoside.

  • Fructofuranose

    fructofuranose fruc·to·fu·ra·nose (frŭk’tō-fyur’ə-nōs’) n. A fructose with a furanose ring.

  • Fructokinase

    fructokinase fruc·to·ki·nase (frŭk’tō-kī’nās’, -nāz’, -kĭn’ās’, -āz’) n. A liver enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups to fructose.

  • Fructosan

    [fruhk-tuh-san, froo k-, frook-] /ˈfrʌk təˌsæn, ˈfrʊk-, ˈfruk-/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. any of the class of hexosans, as inulin and the like, that yield upon hydrolysis.

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