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  • Fruit-bat

    noun 1. any fruit-eating bat, especially of the suborder Megachiroptera, of tropical regions throughout the Old World, typically having erect, catlike ears and large eyes adapted for night vision, and either tailless or with a rudimentary tail, the numerous species ranging in wingspan from 10 inches to 5 feet (25 cm to 1.5 meters). noun […]

  • Fruit-beer

    noun 1. a beer or ale to which fruit or fruit syrup has been added for a second fermentation.

  • Fruit body

    noun 1. a variant of fruiting body

  • Fruitcake

    [froot-keyk] /ˈfrutˌkeɪk/ noun 1. a rich containing dried or candied , nuts, etc. 2. Slang. a crazy or eccentric person; nut. /ˈfruːtˌkeɪk/ noun 1. a rich cake containing mixed dried fruit, lemon peel, nuts, etc 2. (slang, mainly Brit) a person considered to be eccentric or insane n. 1838 in the literal sense, from fruit […]

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