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[fyoo-shuh] /ˈfyu ʃə/

a plant belonging to the genus Fuchsia, of the evening primrose family, including many varieties cultivated for their handsome drooping flowers.
Also called California fuchsia. a nonwoody shrub, Zauschneria californica, having large crimson flowers.
a bright, purplish-red color.
of the color fuchsia:
a fuchsia dress.
any onagraceous shrub of the mostly tropical genus Fuchsia, widely cultivated for their showy drooping purple, red, or white flowers
Also called California fuchsia. a North American onagraceous plant, Zauschneria californica, with tubular scarlet flowers


red color, 1923, from the ornamental shrub, which was named 1753 from the Latinized name of German botanist Leonhard Fuchs (1501-1566). Not related to Latin fucus “seaweed, sea wrack, tangle,” which also gave its name to a red color prepared from it. Latin fucus is from or related to Greek phykos “seaweed,” also “red paint, rouge.”


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