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[fuhd-l] /ˈfʌd l/

verb (used with object), fuddled, fuddling.
to muddle or confuse:
a jumble of sounds to fuddle the senses.
to make drunk; intoxicate.
verb (used without object), fuddled, fuddling.
to tipple.
a confused state; muddle; jumble.
(transitive; often passive) to cause to be confused or intoxicated
(intransitive) to drink excessively; tipple
a muddled or confused state

1580s, originally “to get drunk,” later “to confuse as though with drink” (c.1600), of uncertain origin, perhaps from Low German fuddeln “work in a slovenly manner (as if drunk),” from fuddle “worthless cloth.” The more common derivative befuddle appeared 1887. Related: Fuddled; fuddling.


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  • Fuddle-duddle

    [fuhd-l-duhd-l] /ˈfʌd lˈdʌd l/ verb (used without object), fuddle-duddled, fuddle-duddling. Canadian. 1. to depart; be off.

  • Fuddling-cup

    noun 1. an English earthenware drinking vessel of the 17th and 18th centuries, having the form of a cluster of three or more cups communicating at their bottoms in such a way that the entire vessel can be drained from any of them.

  • Fuddling-glass

    noun 1. . noun 1. a small drinking glass of the early 19th century having no foot.

  • Fuddy

    [fuhd-ee-duhd-ee, -duhd-ee] /ˈfʌd iˌdʌd i, -ˈdʌd i/ noun, plural fuddy-duddies. Also, fuddy 1. a person who is stuffy, old-fashioned, and conservative. 2. a person who is fussy or picayune about details; fussbudget. adjective 3. stuffy, old-fashioned, and conservative. 4. fussy; picayune. /ˈfʌdɪˌdʌdɪ/ noun (pl) -dies 1. (informal) a person, esp an elderly one, who is […]

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