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[foo-kye-neez, -nees] /ˈfu kyɛˈniz, -ˈnis/

a group of Chinese dialects, including Amoy and Taiwanese, spoken in Fukien province in southeastern China as well as in Taiwan.


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  • Fukui

    [foo-koo-ee, foo-koo-ee] /fuˈku i, ˈfu ku i/ noun 1. Kenichi [ke-nee-chee] /kɛˈni tʃi/ (Show IPA), 1918–98, Japanese chemist: Nobel Prize 1981. 2. a city in central Honshu, Japan.

  • Fukuoka

    [foo-koo-oh-kuh; Japanese foo-koo-aw-kah] /ˌfu kuˈoʊ kə; Japanese ˈfu kʊˈɔ kɑ/ noun 1. a city on N Kyushu, in SW Japan. /ˌfuːkuːˈəʊkə/ noun 1. an industrial city and port in SW Japan, in N Kyushu: an important port in ancient times; site of Kyushu university. Pop: 1 302 454 (2002 est)

  • Fukushima

    [foo-koo-shee-muh; Japanese foo-koo-shee-mah] /ˌfu kuˈʃi mə; Japanese ˈfu kʊˈʃi mɑ/ noun 1. a city on N Honshu, in N Japan. /ˌfuːkuːˈʃiːmə/ noun 1. a city in Japan, in N Honshu: noted for production of silk; sight of a serious nuclear power station accident following an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Pop: 290 064 (2011 est)

  • Fukuyama

    [foo-koo-yah-muh; Japanese foo-koo-yah-mah] /ˌfu kuˈyɑ mə; Japanese ˈfu kʊˈyɑ mɑ/ noun 1. a city on SW Honshu, in Japan, NE of Hiroshima. /ˌfuːkuːˈjɑːmə/ noun 1. a city in Japan, in SW Honshu: industrial and commercial centre. Pop: 381 098 (2002 est)

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