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[foo-lah-nee, foo-lah-] /ˈfu lɑ ni, fʊˈlɑ-/

noun, plural Fulanis (especially collectively) Fulani for 1.
Also, Fulah. a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of mixed African and Mediterranean ancestry, scattered through W Africa from Senegal to Cameroon.
the language of the Fulani, a Niger-Congo language closely related to Wolof.
/fuːˈlɑːnɪ; ˈfuːlənɪ/
the language of the Fula, belonging to the West Atlantic branch of the Niger-Congo family, widely used as a trade pidgin in W Africa
(pl) -nis, -ni another name for Fula (sense 1)
(pl) -nis, -ni. a humped breed of cattle from W Africa
of or relating to the Fula or their language


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