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Full cleveland

adjective phrase

Of a man, dressed in white shoes and a white suit (1991+)


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  • Full-court press

    [foo l-kawrt, -kohrt] /ˈfʊlˌkɔrt, -ˌkoʊrt/ noun 1. Basketball. a tactic of harassing, close-guarding defense in which the team without the ball pressures the opponent man-to-man the entire length of the court in order to disrupt dribbling or passing and force a turnover: Suddenly behind by eighteen points, they went to a full-court press. 2. a […]

  • Full-cream

    adjective 1. denoting or made with whole unskimmed milk

  • Full-custom

    Design of integrated circuits at the transistor or polygon level. This is in contrast to the use of libraries of components. Full-custom design requires considerable skill and experience and is usually only feasible for simple circuits, especially ones with much repetition, such as memory device, where a small saving in the size and power consumption […]

  • Full-cut

    [foo l-kuht] /ˈfʊlˈkʌt/ adjective, Jewelry. 1. (of a brilliant) cut with 58 facets, including the table and culet.

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