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Full of it

Also, full of the devil. Mischievous, naughty. For example, The youngsters were full of it today, giving the teacher a hard time, or Bill is full of the devil, hiding his roommate’s clothes and teasing him mercilessly.
Talking nonsense, as in He claims to have fixed the dock, but I think he’s full of it . This usage is a euphemism for ruder idioms like full of crap


Read Also:

  • Full of piss and vinegar

    adjective phrase Brimming with energy; very peppy and assertive; full of beans: full of the piss and vinegar her mother lacks/ full of piss and vinegar and occasionally now, a little weed (1940s+)

  • Full of prunes

    adjective phrase Related Terms full of beans

  • Full of shit

    adjective phrase (Variations: crap or bull or it may replace shit) Wrong; mistaken; not to be credited: Oh, he’s so full of shit, that self-seeking schmuck/ Anyone who says it doesn’t matter is full of it/ They’re all fulla shit anyway, all them goddam politicians (1940s+)

  • Full of the devil

    modifier Always causing trouble or getting into mischief: full of the devil, and not just when he’s had sugar

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