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Full score

the entire score of a musical composition, showing each part separately


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  • Full-sentence

    noun, Grammar. 1. any sentence the form of which exemplifies the most frequently used structural pattern of a particular language, as, in English, any sentence that contains a subject and a predicate; a sentence from which elliptical sentences may be derived by grammatical transformations.

  • Full-service

    [foo l-sur-vis] /ˈfʊlˈsɜr vɪs/ adjective, Commerce. 1. offering or providing a wide range of services related to the basic line of business, as when a filling station changes tires or makes car repairs in addition to selling gasoline.

  • Full-size

    [foo l-sahyz] /ˈfʊlˌsaɪz/ adjective 1. of the usual or normal size of its kind: a full-size kitchen. 2. (of a bed) 54 inches (137 cm) wide and 75 or 76 inches (191 or 193 cm) long; double. 3. pertaining to or made for a full-size bed: full-size sheets.

  • Full-speed

    noun 1. the maximum speed. 2. Nautical. the speed normally maintained on a passage. adverb 3. at maximum speed: to move full speed ahead.

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