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[fuhl-muh-nuh nt] /ˈfʌl mə nənt/

occurring suddenly and with great intensity or severity; .
Pathology. developing or progressing suddenly:
fulminant plague.
/ˈfʌlmɪnənt; ˈfʊl-/
sudden and violent; fulminating
(pathol) (of pain) sudden and sharp; piercing

c.1600, from French fulminant or directly from Latin fulminantem (nominative fulminans), present participle of fulminare (see fulminate). As a noun from 1808.

fulminant ful·mi·nant (ful’mə-nənt, fŭl’-)
Occurring suddenly, rapidly, and with great severity or intensity, usually of pain.
ful’mi·nat’ing (-nā’tĭng) adj.


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