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[fuhm-uh-did-l, fuhm-uh-did-l] /ˌfʌm əˈdɪd l, ˈfʌm əˌdɪd l/



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  • Fumage

    [fyoo-mij] /ˈfyu mɪdʒ/ noun, Old English Law. 1. a tax payable to the king for each hearth in every house owned by a person not exempt from church taxes and poor taxes.

  • Fu-manchu-mustache

    [foo man-choo] /ˈfu mænˈtʃu/ noun 1. a mustache whose ends droop to the chin. noun See Fu Manchu

  • Fumarase

    fumarase fu·ma·rase (fyōō’mə-rās’, -rāz’) n. An enzyme, occurring in liver and muscle, that catalyzes the conversion of fumaric acid to malic acid.

  • Fumarate

    [fyoo-muh-reyt] /ˈfyu məˌreɪt/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. the salt of , a key chemical intermediate in the Krebs cycle. fumarate (fy’mə-rāt’) A salt or ester of fumaric acid, in which one or both of the hydrogen atoms in the carboxyl groups of the fumaric acid have been replaced with another element or group.

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