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[foo-nuh-foo-tee] /ˌfu nəˈfu ti/

a village in and the capital of Tuvalu.
[too-vuh-loo, too-vah-loo] /ˈtu vəˌlu, tuˈvɑ lu/
a parliamentary state consisting of a group of islands in the central Pacific, S of the equator: a former British colony; gained independence 1978. 10 sq. mi. (26 sq. km).
Capital: Funafuti.
a country in the SW Pacific, comprising a group of nine coral islands: established as a British protectorate in 1892. From 1915 until 1975 the islands formed part of the British colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands; achieved full independence in 1978; a member of the Commonwealth (formerly a special member not represented at all meetings, until 2000). Languages: English and Tuvaluan. Religion: Christian majority. Currency: Australian dollar; Tuvalu dollars are also used. Capital: Funafuti. Pop: 10 698 (2013 est). Area: 26 sq km (10 sq miles) Former names Lagoon Islands, Ellice Islands


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