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[fuhn-duh-muh nt] /ˈfʌn də mənt/

the buttocks.
the anus.
a base or basic principle; underlying part; foundation.
(euphemistic or facetious) the buttocks
the natural features of the earth’s surface, unaltered by man
a base or foundation, esp of a building
a theory, principle, or underlying basis

late 13c., “buttocks, anus,” from Old French fondement “foundation, bottom; anus” (12c.), from Latin fundamentum “a foundation,” from fundare “to found” (see bottom). So called because it is where one sits.

Alle þe filþ of his magh [‘maw’] salle breste out atte his fondament for drede. [“Cursor Mundi,” early 14c.]

fundament fun·da·ment (fŭn’də-mənt)
See anus.


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