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[fuhnd] /fʌnd/

a supply of money or pecuniary resources, as for some purpose:
a fund for his education; a retirement fund.
supply; stock:
a fund of knowledge; a fund of jewels.
funds, money immediately available; pecuniary resources:
to be momentarily without funds.
an organization created to administer or manage a fund, as of money invested or contributed for some special purpose.
verb (used with object)
to provide a fund to pay the interest or principal of (a debt).
to convert (general outstanding debts) into a more or less permanent debt, represented by interest-bearing bonds.
to allocate or provide funds for (a program, project, etc.).
a reserve of money, etc, set aside for a certain purpose
a supply or store of something; stock: it exhausted his fund of wisdom
verb (transitive)
to furnish money to in the form of a fund
to place or store up in a fund
to convert (short-term floating debt) into long-term debt bearing fixed interest and represented by bonds
to provide a fund for the redemption of principal or payment of interest of
to accumulate a fund for the discharge of (a recurrent liability): to fund a pension plan
to invest (money) in government securities See also funds

1660s, from French fond “a bottom, floor, ground” (12c.), also “a merchant’s basic stock or capital,” from Latin fundus “bottom, foundation, piece of land,” from PIE root *bhudh- “bottom, base” (cf. Sanskrit budhnah, Greek pythmen “foundation, bottom,” Old English botm “lowest part;” see bottom (n.)). Funds “money at one’s disposal” is from 1728. Fund-raiser (also fundraiser) first attested 1957.

1776, from fund (n.). Related: Funded; funding.

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    plural noun 1. (finance) the conversion of government floating stock or short-term debt into holdings of long-term bonds

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    noun 1. an employee of an insurance company, pension fund, investment trust, etc, who manages its fund of investments

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    fundoplication fun·do·pli·ca·tion (fŭn’dō-plĭ-kā’shən) n. The surgical procedure of tucking or folding the fundus of the stomach around the esophagus to prevent reflux, used in the repair of a hiatal hernia.

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    [fuhnd-reyz] /ˈfʌndˌreɪz/ verb (used with object), fund-raised, fund-raising. 1. to collect by fund-raising: The charity needs to fund-raise more than a million dollars. verb (used without object), fund-raised, fund-raising. 2. to engage in fund-raising. /ˈfʌndˌreɪz/ verb (intransitive) 1. to raise money for a cause

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