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Bay of, an inlet of the Atlantic in SE Canada, between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, having swift tidal currents.
Historical Examples

Minas, Basin of (mi-nas), a bay in the northwestern part of the Bay of Fundy.
Elson Grammar School Literature, Book Four. William H. Elson

In the Bay of Fundy that night the elements met in their grandest extremes.
Great Pirate Stories Various

Thus it happened that in spite of the delay she really had a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy before the fog had hidden it.
Amy in Acadia Helen Leah Reed

But the fishermen knew too well that the Fundy’s arm was stronger.
Great Pirate Stories Various

Among the jetsam of those restless Fundy tides almost anything that will float may appear, from a matchbox to a barn.
The House in the Water Charles G. D. Roberts

Then the red biled up in his face and over his bald head like a Fundy tide.
The Depot Master Joseph C. Lincoln

I had seen a tidal wave, fifty or more feet high, sweep up the “bore” of a river at the head of the Bay of Fundy.
Over Prairie Trails Frederick Philip Grove

Efter thet, the heads and offals ‘u’d scare the fish to Fundy.
“Captains Courageous” Rudyard Kipling

Far beyond them the palpitating waters showed changeful surfaces on Fundy Bay.
The Lady of Fort St. John Mary Hartwell Catherwood

He always had them there—no other country could match the tides of the Bay of Fundy.
The Tribune of Nova Scotia W. L. (William Lawson) Grant

Bay of Fundy, an inlet of the Atlantic in SE Canada, between S New Brunswick and W Nova Scotia: remarkable for its swift tides of up to 21 m (70 ft)

See fundie


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