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[fuhng-goh] /ˈfʌŋ goʊ/

noun, plural fungoes. Baseball.
(in practice sessions) a ball tossed into the air by the batter and struck as it comes down.
a batted ball, especially a fly ball, hit in this manner.
Also called fungo bat. a bat used in hitting fungoes, being lighter, longer, and narrower than an ordinary baseball bat.

1867, baseball slang, perhaps from dialectal fonge “catch,” a relic of Old English fon “seize” (see fang), or possibly from the German cognate fangen. Not in OED 2nd ed. (1989).



: They used to fungo that ball over your head

[1867+ Baseball; origin unknown; perhaps fr dialect fonge, ”catch,” fr Old English fon, ”seize, catch,” or fr the German cognate fangen, in the same sense; the -o ending might indicate a shouted warning, the whole meaning ”Now catch!”; Paul Dickson, the baseball lexicographer, describes five theories of origin]


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