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[fyoo-ni-kuh l] /ˈfyu nɪ kəl/

noun, Botany.
the stalk of an ovule or seed.
(botany) the stalk that attaches an ovule or seed to the wall of the ovary Also called funiculus


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  • Funic souffle

    funic souffle or funicular souffle n. See fetal souffle.

  • Funicular

    [fyoo-nik-yuh-ler] /fyuˈnɪk yə lər/ adjective 1. of or relating to a rope or cord, or its tension. 2. worked by a rope or the like. noun 3. . /fjuːˈnɪkjʊlə/ noun 1. Also called funicular railway. a railway up the side of a mountain, consisting of a counterbalanced car sat either end of a cable passing […]

  • Funicular graft

    funicular graft n. A nerve graft in which each funiculus is approximated and sutured separately.

  • Funicular process

    funicular process n. The tunica vaginalis surrounding the spermatic cord.

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