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funiculitis fu·nic·u·li·tis (fyōō-nĭk’yə-lī’tĭs, fə-)


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  • Funiculopexy

    funiculopexy fu·nic·u·lo·pexy (fyōō-nĭk’yə-lō-pěk’sē, fə-) n. The suturing of the spermatic cord to the surrounding tissue to correct an undescended testicle.

  • Funiculus

    [fyoo-nik-yuh-luh s] /fyuˈnɪk yə ləs/ noun, plural funiculi [fyoo-nik-yuh-lahy] /fyuˈnɪk yəˌlaɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. Anatomy. a conducting cord, as a nerve cord or umbilical cord. 2. Botany. a funicle. 3. Entomology. (in certain insects) the portion of the antenna between the basal segments and the club. /fjuːˈnɪkjʊləs/ noun (pl) -li (-ˌlaɪ) 1. (anatomy) a cordlike […]

  • Funiform

    funiform fu·ni·form (fyōō’nə-fôrm’) adj. Having a ropelike or cordlike appearance or structure.

  • Funis

    funis fu·nis (fyōō’nĭs) n.

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