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the part of the elbow where the ulnar nerve passes by the internal condyle of the humerus, which when struck causes a peculiar, tingling sensation in the arm and hand; crazy bone.
a sense of humor.
the area near the elbow where the ulnar nerve is close to the surface of the skin: when it is struck, a sharp tingling sensation is experienced along the forearm and hand Also called (US) crazy bone

funny bone fun·ny bone (fŭn’ē)
A point on the elbow where the ulnar nerve runs close to the surface and produces a tingling sensation if knocked against bone.
A point on the elbow where the ulnar nerve runs close to the surface and produces a sharp tingling sensation when knocked against the bone. For example, Ouch! I just banged my funny bone. The expression is a pun on humerus (pronounced the same as humorous), the Latin name for the long bone of the arm. [ Early 1800s ]
A sense of humor, as in That comedian really tickles my funny bone. This expression is derived from def. 1.


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