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[fuhn-ster] /ˈfʌn stər/

a person who creates or seeks , as a comedian or reveler.


A person who has or makes fun: The facade drops, revealing them as the faux funsters they really are (1784+)


Read Also:

  • Funsies

    noun Fun; fun and games: The driver said they must not leave the parking area. ”Oh, funsies!” said Boots (1960s+)

  • Funston

    [fuhn-stuh n] /ˈfʌn stən/ noun 1. Frederick, 1865–1917, U.S. general.

  • Fuo

    FUO abbr. fever of unknown origin fever of unknown origin

  • FUPA

    [foo-puh] /ˈfu pə/ noun, plural FUPAs. Slang. 1. a wide area of protruding fat in the upper pubic region.

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