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See furkid


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  • Furkid

    /ˈfɜːkɪd/ noun 1. (mainly US) an animal kept for companionship noun a pet treated or regarded as a child; also written fur kid , fur-kid Examples Bizarre animal lovers think of their pets as furkids. Word Origin 2000 Usage Note slang

  • Fusula

    [fyoo-zuh-luh] /ˈfyu zə lə/ noun, plural fusulae [fyoo-zuh-lee] /ˈfyu zəˌli/ (Show IPA), fusulas. 1. (in the spinneret of a spider) the terminal tube of a silk gland.

  • Fusuma

    [fyoo-suh-mah] /ˈfyu səˌmɑ/ noun 1. a sliding door in a Japanese house, especially one serving as a room partition.

  • Futa

    Federal Unemployment Tax Act

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