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[fur-fyuh-ran, -fuh-] /ˈfɜr fyəˌræn, -fə-/

/ˈfɜːfəˌræn; ˈfɜːfjʊ-/
another name for furan


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  • Furfurol

    [fur-fyer-uh l, -fer-] /ˈfɜr fyər əl, -fər-/ noun 1. (erroneously) .

  • Furiae

    [fyoo r-ee-ee] /ˈfyʊər iˌi/ plural noun, Roman Mythology. 1. (def 3).

  • Furies

    [fyoo r-ee] /ˈfyʊər i/ noun, plural furies. 1. unrestrained or violent anger, rage, passion, or the like: The gods unleashed their fury on the offending mortal. 2. violence; vehemence; fierceness: the fury of a hurricane; a fury of creative energy. 3. Furies, Classical Mythology. minor female divinities: the daughters of Gaea who punished crimes at […]

  • Furigana

    human language, Japanese (Or “rubi”) Small hiragana, written above kanji (and these days sometimes above Latin characters) as a phonetic comment and reading aid. The singular and plural are both “furigana”. (2000-12-30)

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