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[furl] /fɜrl/

verb (used with object)
to gather into a compact roll and bind securely, as a sail against a spar or a flag against its staff.
verb (used without object)
to become furled.
the act of furling.
something furled, as a roll.
furl in a body, Nautical. to furl (a square sail) with loose canvas gathered at the mast, so as to make a harbor furl.
furl in the bunt, Nautical. to furl (a square sail) by gathering canvas upward, so as to load the yard equally at all points.
to roll up (an umbrella, a flag, etc) neatly and securely or (of an umbrella, flag, etc) to be rolled up in this way
(transitive) (nautical) to gather in (a square sail)
the act or an instance of furling
a single rolled-up section

1550s, of uncertain origin, possibly from Middle French ferler “to furl,” from Old French ferliier “chain, tie up, lock away,” perhaps from fer “firm” (from Latin firmus; see firm (adj.)) + -lier “to bind” (from Latin ligare). Related: Furled; furling.


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