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[fur-th er] /ˈfɜr ðər/

adverb, compar. of far with furthest as superl.
at or to a greater distance; :
I’m too tired to go further.
at or to a more advanced point; to a greater extent:
Let’s not discuss it further.
in addition; moreover:
Further, he should be here any minute.
adjective, compar. of far with furthest as superl.
more distant or remote; farther:
The map shows it to be further than I thought.
more extended:
Does this mean a further delay?
additional; more:
Further meetings seem pointless.
verb (used with object)
to help forward (a work, undertaking, cause, etc.); promote; advance; forward:
You can always count on him to further his own interests.
in addition; furthermore
to a greater degree or extent
to or at a more advanced point
to or at a greater distance in time or space; farther
additional; more
more distant or remote in time or space; farther
(transitive) to assist the progress of; promote
adv., adj.

Old English furðor (adv.), furðra (adj.), etymologically representing either “forth-er” or “fore-ther.” The former would be from furðum (see forth) + comparative suffix *-eron-, *-uron- (cf. inner, outer).

Alternative etymology traces it to Proto-Germanic *furþeron-, from PIE *pr-tero, (cf. Greek proteros “former”), from root of fore + comparative suffix also found in after, other. Senses of “in addition, to a greater extent” are later metaphoric developments.

Old English (ge)fyrðan “further, impel;” see further (adj.). Cf. Middle Low German vorderen, Old High German furdiran, German fördern. Related: Furthered; furthering.
see: without further ado


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