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[fyoo-suh-leyd, -lahd, -zuh-] /ˈfyu səˌleɪd, -ˌlɑd, -zə-/

a simultaneous or continuous discharge of firearms.
a general discharge or outpouring of anything:
a fusillade of questions.
verb (used with object), fusilladed, fusillading.
to attack or shoot by a fusillade.
/ˌfjuːzɪˈleɪd; -ˈlɑːd/
a simultaneous or rapid continual discharge of firearms
a sudden outburst, as of criticism
(transitive) to attack with a fusillade

“simultaneous discharge of firearms,” 1801, from French fusillade, from fusiller “to shoot,” from fusil “musket” (see fusilier). As a verb from 1816.


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