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an excessively elaborate or pretentious display; ostentation.
Needless commotion and display, as in There was so much fuss and feathers over the award ceremony that I decided not to attend. This expression probably survives because of its appealing alliteration. [ Mid-1800s ]


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  • Fussbox

    [fuhs-boks] /ˈfʌsˌbɒks/ noun, South Atlantic States. 1. a fussbudget.

  • Fussbudget

    [fuhs-buhj-it] /ˈfʌsˌbʌdʒ ɪt/ noun 1. a fussy or needlessly fault-finding person. n. 1904, from fuss (n.) + budget (n.). One of several similar formulations around this time: Cf. fussbox (1901); fusspot (1921).

  • Fussed

    [fuhs] /fʌs/ noun 1. an excessive display of anxious attention or activity; needless or useless bustle: They made a fuss over the new baby. 2. an argument or noisy dispute: They had a fuss about who should wash dishes. 3. a complaint or protest, especially about something relatively unimportant. verb (used without object) 4. to […]

  • Fussily

    [fuhs-ee] /ˈfʌs i/ adjective, fussier, fussiest. 1. excessively busy with trifles; anxious or particular about petty details. 2. hard to satisfy or please: a fussy eater. 3. (of clothes, decoration, etc.) elaborately made, trimmed, or decorated: All the bric-a-brac gave the room a fussy, cluttered look. 4. full of details, especially in excess: His writing […]

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